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Which Certification is Best for Web Design Specialists?

As a web design specialist, it is important to understand HTML5, CSS & JavaScript. So, what is the best certification to prove web design proficiency? To confirm your knowledge and abilities in web design, you can become certified in Adobe Dreamweaver. This will prove your proficiency in Dreamweaver and validate your abilities to design and create websites. The best way to do this is to become a Certified Adobe Associate.

Which Certification is Best for Web Design Specialists?

There are a few certifications that prove proficiency in web design. The most widely used program to create websites is Adobe Dreamweaver. It utilizes many of the coding protocols that come with web design including HTML5, CSS & JavaScript. The easiest way to become a Certified Adobe Associate is to pass the Dreamweaver certification exam.

Certified Adobe Associate

The most relevant certification for web design specialists is Adobe Dreamweaver. Becoming a Certified Adobe Associate can not only improve your chances to get a new web design job or move up the ladder, but it is also important for those with a small web design business to prove their abilities to potential clients. Obtaining the badge will certify you in Adobe and offer the ability to show off your achievements to the global community. The Certified Adobe Associate exam for Dreamweaver includes many objectives.

Objective #1: Working in the Web Industry

The first objective of the Adobe Dreamweaver certification exam is to validate critical concepts related to working with clients including crucial legal, technical and related web design knowledge. This tests your ability to determine if content is relevant to the audience and purpose of the web site. How to communicate properly with colleagues, basic project management concepts, as well as identifying the legal and ethical considerations of copyright and licensing. Further, this objective allows you to demonstrate your knowledge of internet terminology, SEO, web security and web development concepts. Finally, you will be tested on your ability to demonstrate basic design principles and best practices for web design.

Objective #2: Project Setup and Interface

This objective focuses on workflow that is efficient and effective in regard to the interface setup and program settings. Can you create a new website with the appropriate settings? Are you able to navigate, organize and customize the application workspace? Can you configure content and viewing options and navigate a web site? And finally, are you able to manage assets involved in the web design project?

Objective #3: Organizing Content on a Page

This objective focuses on the document structure and responsiveness of design. These days, Google focuses on mobile friendliness in addition to other devices like laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Google has a policy of putting mobile first and focusing rankings on the websites ability to offer a good user experience.

Objective #4: Working with Code to Create and Modify Content

This objective focuses on your knowledge of the coding technologies that are used to create web content, from HTML, CSS and JavaScript to name a few. It also tests your knowledge about applying table and semantic elements to describe content, managing fonts, creating and managing forms and adding interactivity to a web page. Everything that is involved in programming languages and coding protocols.

Objective #5: Publishing Digital Media

The final objective covers saving and exporting documents in multiple formats and managing assets for web design. Can you prepare the Dreamweaver assets for testing and publishing?  Can you check for errors and project specifications? And finally, can you publish the site and go live?

How Do You Prepare for the Web Design Certification Exams?

The best way to prepare for the web design certification exam is to take a continuing education exam prep course at Florida Technical College. FTC has created curriculum that takes 144 hours to prepare you for a web design specialist certification exam. Industry experienced instructors teach you about web design and walk you through programs like Dreamweaver, step by step. There will be practice tests and study groups that can help you prepare for this exam.

In addition to lecture and class time, you will also have the ability to create student study groups and collaboratively study for the certification exam. You will have a network and support system that can help if you fall behind or don’t understand something specific about Dreamweaver. There are many benefits to taking a continuing education exam prep course at Florida Technical College. So, what do you learn during a web design certification prep course?

What Does the Web Design Certification Prep Course Teach?

Web Design students use Adobe Dreamweaver and Fireworks, as well as other web design authoring tools to build marketing-oriented static and dynamic websites. Through hands-on continuing education exam prep exercises, participants will learn how to use the tools available in Adobe Dreamweaver and Fireworks, as well as other web design authoring tools to build marketing-oriented static and dynamic websites. The continuing education exam prep course makes use of lectures, hands-on activities, and student projects.

Final Thoughts

If you are ready to prove your proficiency in web design and show your current or potential employer that you can become a Certified Adobe Associate, you will be well on your way to moving up the ladder within the industry. Proving your knowledge and skills to build website shouldn’t be hard, it just takes an exam prep course and certification as an Adobe Associate. Take the time to prepare for this certification exam and show everyone how serious you are about your career in web design.

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