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How to Prepare for a Human Resources Certification

Are you entering an HR role, looking to become an HR manager or want to move into a senior level position in the HR department? If you have ambitions to work in human resources, the best way to move forward is by proving your knowledge and skills with the help of a certification. Organizations offer membership and certification exams for those that want to further their career in human resources. There are certifications for all levels of human resources, from entry-level to senior and everything in between.

What Human Resource Certifications are Offered?

There are a few human resources organizations that offer those working in the field an opportunity to become certified. Two of these organizations include the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). These are only two of many popular human resources certifications.

Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI)

HRCI offers a suite of eight certifications for every stage of your HR career. To become certified by the HRCI, you must meet strict professional and educational requirements before taking the human resources certification exam. The eight certifications include:

Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR) – this is an entry-level certification with no experience required. It is a certification for recent graduates that either graduated from a human resources program or want to enter into the HR field for the first time. The international version is also available, Associate Professional in Human Resources – International (aPHRi)

Professional in Human Resources (PHR) -– this certification is for human resource professionals that have some work experience and attained a certain amount of educational training. Some experience or professional level degree is required to apply for this certification exam. There is also an international version of this certification exam as well (PHRi).

Professional in Human Resources California (PHRca) – since California has unique laws and regulations, this certification is for those human resources professionals that manage a workforce in California.

Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) – this certification is for professional-level human resources positions that have 4 or more years of experience and a professional HR degree. There is also an international version of this certification as well (SPHRi).

Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR) –
this is a certification exam for human resources professionals that work for multinational corporations or have responsibilities that extend globally. A set number of years of experience and a supplemental degree is recommended.Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Another organization that offers human resources certification is SHRM. SHRM offers two certifications for human resources individuals, the SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP exams. Both exams are multiple-choice and test a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of human resources information, and scenario-based situational judgement to assess their decision-making skills. The SHRM-CP exam is for those human resources professionals that are in operational roles that implement polices, are the point of contact in an HR department and perform day-to-day HR functions. The SHRM-SCP is for senior level professionals that have more of a strategic role in human resources and develop HR policies, oversee the execution of HR operations, analyze performance metrics and contribute to an organization’s HR goals.

How to Prepare for a Human Resources Certification

The best way to prepare for a human resources certification exam is to take a continuing education exam prep course at Florida Technical College. In this continuing education exam prep program, you will learn the principles of business management and strategy, workforce planning and employment, human resource development, compensation and benefits, employee and labor relations and risk management. This continuing education exam prep course focuses on the technical and operational aspects of human resource practices, U.S. law and regulation based. There are also many benefits to take a certification exam prep course.

What are the Benefits of a Certification Exam Prep Course?

There are many benefits to taking a preparation course for a human resources certification, from comprehensive knowledge mastery and networking opportunities to a boost of confidence and well-deserved recognition.

Extensive and Comprehensive Learning

A certification exam prep course will review all the knowledge necessary to answer the many questions you will be asked during a certification exam. Whether you just graduated from college or moving into a new role after several years, you will need an extensive and comprehensive review of human resources fundamentals to prepare for the certification exam.

Receiving your certification in human resources proves your mastery in business management and employee relations as well as compensation and benefits. You can allow your employer or future employer know that you are passionate about human resources and took the time to learn the trade, to the extent that you become certified in the field.

Network with Instructors and Classmates

Your exam prep instructors will have strong ties to the community and already have experience in human resources. They can prepare you with the exact knowledge you will need to take the human resources certification of your choice. Prep courses are also a great way to meet like-minded classmates that are also striving for similar goals. Through this prep course, you can get together with fellow classmates and create study groups and support one another toward your certification goals.

Confidence and Recognition

The major benefit of becoming certified in human resources is the confidence that not only you will feel but your supervisors and coworkers will have of you as well. The completion of a human resources certification will help build a following and you will gain recognition as a leader at your organization.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are interested in moving up the ladder in a human resources role, it is time to get certified. A certification is a great way to build confidence in your supervisor and colleagues, allowing you to rise through the ranks of the organization and take on more human resources responsibilities. Take the time to properly prepare for your human resources certification exam so you are ready for whatever the certification organizations ask. Certification is more than a badge of honor, it is a symbol of excellence.

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