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How Do I Get Microsoft .NET Certification?

Computer software, hardware and software development tools are always evolving. It is important to become certified in the tools of your trade. These certifications will help you get a new job, move up the ladder and instill confidence in your colleagues. If you are working towards becoming a software developer, getting certified in Microsoft .NET is a good start. Many organizations use Microsoft software and Microsoft offers many certification exams to prove your knowledge and skills. So, you are interested in software development and want to become certified in Microsoft .NET?

How Do You Get Microsoft .NET Certification?

To become certified in Microsoft .NET there are a few certification exams you can take to prove your proficiency as a Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA).  The MTA certifications show proficiency in three areas, IT infrastructure, databases and software development. For software development certifications, you can pass the following MTA developer certification exams that include software development fundamentals, HTML5 APP development fundamentals and mobility and device fundamentals.

Software Development Fundamentals

This certification focuses on the fundamental knowledge in software development. It will test your knowledge in C# and Microsoft Visual Basic .NET. The skills measured in this exam include understanding core programming, object-oriented programming, general software development, web applications, desktop applications and databases. This certification is the first step in becoming a certified MTA developer.

HTML5 APP Development Fundamentals

This certification proves your core HTML5 client application development skills. It focuses on the use of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to develop client applications. Skills measured in this certification exam include management of the application life cycle, building the user interface (UI) by using HTML5, formatting the user interface by using CSS and coding with JavaScript. This is fundamental programming and web development knowledge that will prove your ability to use Microsoft .NET software.

Mobility and Device Fundamentals

This certification focuses on the fundamental knowledge of Windows devices and mobility. It includes knowledge of active directory, antimalware products, firewalls, network topologies and devices and network ports. The skills measured in this certification exam include understanding device configuration, data access and management, device security, cloud servers, and enterprise mobility.

How Do You Prepare for the Microsoft .NET Certification Exams?

The best way to prepare for the Microsoft .NET certification exams is to take a continuing education prep course. There are many benefits to an exam prep course. They include comprehensive learning, an opportunity to ask questions, industry experienced instructors and the ability to network with classmates.

Benefit #1: Comprehensive Learning

During this prep course, you will learn everything you need to take the proper certification exams to become a Microsoft Technology Associate. Classes in all aspects of Microsoft .NET, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript will prepare you for these certification exams. Everything you learn during this course will be the actual content on the exams and nothing more.

Benefit #2: Opportunity to Ask Questions

The continuing education courses are a great time to ask all the questions you have about programming and web development in Microsoft .NET. As you attend the 198 hours of lecture and hands-on learning, you have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. The industry experienced instructors will guide you through the fundamentals and prepare you for the certification exams.

Benefit #3: Industry Experienced Instructors

Our instructors have worked in web development and programming and knew what you need to study to pass the Microsoft .NET certification exams. With these preparation courses, you have the ability to receive one-on-one instruction, so you learn what you need and don’t fall behind. The instructors understand what will help you master the certification exams and prepare you for your first day at your new job as a software developer.  

Benefit #4: Network with Classmates

You will meet classmates of all industries, disciplines, and experience level. And your fellow classmates will be preparing for the same certification exam. They will want to come together and create study groups that can help everyone study for the Microsoft .NET certification exam. They will also be a great resource to network with when you start your new career.

What Does the Microsoft .NET Certification Prep Course Teach?

In order to prepare for the Microsoft .NET certification exam, this prep course provides you with an introduction to HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. High level topics include programming fundamentals and web development.

Programming Fundamentals

Programming fundamentals include programming logic, defining, and using variables, performing looping and branching, developing user interfaces, capturing and validating user input, storing data, and creating well-structured applications. These fundamentals also include C# program structure, language syntax, and implementing programming details.

Web Development

The courses in web development focus on .NET framework, coding to enhance the performance and scalability of a website, designing and developing services that access local and remote data, and developing and deploying services to hybrid environments for both on-premises servers and Windows Azure.

Final Thoughts

So, you have your sites set on becoming a software developer and you want to prove your knowledge and skills in programming and web development. Becoming a Microsoft Technology Associate is a great way to prove your abilities, get a new career in software development or climb the ladder in your current organization. Take the time to prepare for the Microsoft .NET certification exam. Knowing all the content that will be on the test will boost your confidence and prepare you to pass this important certification exam.

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