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How Do I Get Certified in Microsoft Office?

Are you looking to get a job as a business analyst or move your career in a different direction and want to become certified in Microsoft Office? Becoming certified in Microsoft Office involves two levels of certification with exams in the associate and expert levels. Having these certifications on your resume will boost your opportunities, whether you are looking to find a new job or moving up in your existing career. So, how do you get certified in Microsoft Office?

How Do I Get Certified in Microsoft Office?

The Microsoft Office Specialist Certification focuses on the key applications within the Microsoft Office Suite of products. These include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access. To become certified at the associate level, you must pass three out of the four basic exams including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. After you become certified in the Microsoft Office Specialist, associate level certification, you can take the expert Word, Excel and Access certification tests to obtain the expert level Microsoft Office Specialist certification.

What Applications Does the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Include?

You will need to be familiar with basic, intermediate and advanced topics in the Microsoft Office Suite of applications. Each certification exam will test you on the fundamental tasks and functions of the application. So, what exactly are the tasks and functions you will be certified in?

Associate Level Word Exam MO-100 – This exam proves your competency in the principal features of Word that include creating and editing documents. It also covers creating and maintaining professional-looking reports, multicolumn newsletters, resumes and business correspondence. The Word skills measured include managing documents, inserting and formatting text, managing tables and lists, creating and managing references, inserting and formatting graphic elements and managing document collaboration.

Expert Level Word Exam MO-101 – This advanced exam covers business plans, research papers, books specialized brochures and mass mailings. The advanced Word skills measured include managing document options and settings, using advanced editing and formatting features, creating custom document elements and using advanced Word features.

Associate Level Excel Exam MO-200 – This exam covers the fundamentals of creation and editing of a workbook within multiple sheets and the use of charts, tables and other graphical elements. The Excel skills measured include the creation of cells and ranges, tables, applying formulas and functions and creating charts and objects. Some of the workbook examples include budgets, financial statements, team performance charts, sales invoices and data entry logs.

Expert Level Excel Exam MO-201 – This exam covers the creation, management and distribution of professional spreadsheets for custom business templates, multiple-axis financial charts, amortization tables, and inventory schedules. The advanced Excel skills measured include managing workbook options and settings, managing and formatting data, creating advanced formulas and macros and managing advanced charts and tables.

Associate Level PowerPoint Exam MO-300 – This exam covers creating and managing presentations, inserting and formatting shapes and slides, creating slide content, applying transitions and animation and managing multiple presentations. The PowerPoint skills measured include managing presentations, managing slides, inserting and formatting text, shapes and images, inserting tables, charts, SmartArt, 3D models, and media and applying transitions and animations.

Associate Level Outlook Exam MO-400 – The Outlook skills measured in this exam include customizing the Outlook user interface, creating or inserting graphic elements and sending and responding to emails and meeting requests. Application examples include coordinating building resources, sending messages, planning meetings and assigning meeting action items.

Expert Level Access Exam MO-500 – This exam focuses on the creation and management of Access Database objects including tables, relationships, data entry forms, multilevel reports and multi-table queries. The advanced Access skills measured include managing databases, creating and modifying tables, creating and modifying queries, and modifying forms and reports in layout view.

How Do I Prepare for the Microsoft Office Certification Exam?

The best way to prepare for the different Microsoft Office certification exams is to attend an exam preparation course at Florida Technical College. In this CE exam prep course, you will learn Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. This course will teach you everything you need to know to take these exams, from basic fundamentals to expert functions and macros.

What are the Benefits of Preparation Courses?

There are many different benefits to taking a preparation course. From extensive and comprehensive learning to industry experienced instructors, to name a few.

Extensive and Comprehensive Learning

During this exam prep course, you will spend 90 hours learning the inner workings of Microsoft Office Suite of applications. The curriculum involves hands-on computer lab experience for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access. This real-world experience will prepare your knowledge and build your confidence when taking the certification exams. Why? Because you have already completed the functions and fundamentals of the Microsoft Office Suite in a lab setting with industry experienced instructors.

Industry Experienced Instructors

You will learn Microsoft Office from industry experienced instructors that are experts themselves. You have the ability to receive one-on-one instruction and can ask questions when you need additional assistance with a topic or application. They have used Microsoft Office for many years and understand what you will need to know to master the certification exam and prepare yourself for day one on your new job or position.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have your heart set on passing the Microsoft Office associate and expert certifications, make sure to take the time to prepare. Enroll in a continuing education exam prep course at Florida Technical College and learn all the ins and outs of the certification exam. Take the time to prepare for the certification exams, boost your resume and set yourself apart from the competition.

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Ready to move from a job to a career? Florida Technical College Continuing Education is here to help. Contact us to learn more about the Microsoft Office certification exam preparation courses at Florida Technical College.


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