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5 Tips on Bridging the Gap Between Design and Development

5 Tips on Bridging the Gap Between Design and Development

Even though both developers and designers are involved in the creation of the same product, their roles are very different. Designers handle the graphics and interface features while developers take care of aspects like coding. It’s not unusual to have a disconnect between designers and developers, but bridging the gap can result in a better designed and developed product.

Here are 5 tips to bridge the gap between designers and developers:

1 - Get Developers Involved Earlier

One way to minimize the gap between designers and developers is to bring developers to the table when designers are just getting started. Designers usually do their work first and then pass their initial product design over to the developers. Instead, you can include developers in conference calls with clients, seek insights from developers on easy ways to translate your design elements to web applications, or run initial design ideas by the developer so issues can be anticipated and dealt with quicker.

2 - Properly Coordinate the Handoff From Designers to Developers

When the time comes for designers to pass their initial creations or sketches over to developers, make the process as organized and comprehensive as possible. This should minimize potential issues when developers convert the designs into HTML. Make the handoff as planned and productive as possible by properly organizing design files, going over the designs with developers, and encouraging questions or ideas from the developers.

3 - Simplify Channels of Communication

Designers and developers tend to have different preferred methods of communication, depending on how they were taught in school, their age, or previous work experience. Simplify communication for designers and developers by having established communication guidelines, using a specific channel like Slack, or setting up regular group meetings throughout the project.

4 - Share Knowledge

It is common for miscommunication to occur when there is a lack of understanding. It is also common that a designer and a developer can lack knowledge about each other’s responsibilities or capabilities. A way to fix this is having developers provide some resources for designers on the basics of coding and having designers provide information to the developers on the basics of design and how graphic design elements are used.

5 - Embrace Team-Building

Employees who are more comfortable with each other tend to create a better working environment that leads to more collaboration and communication. If the designers and developers have to be in different physical locations, use your dedicated communication channel to set up virtual team meetings so concerns can be addressed and ideas can be shared as work progresses. Communication is the key to building relationships.

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