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5 Security Tips for Network Administration

5 Security Tips for Network Administration

Network security is becoming increasingly challenging, yet it is still a fundamental component in protecting our systems. New threats are developing daily and the new technologies being created to defeat these threats have more routes for attackers to penetrate and hack our network or cause an infection.

Here are five tips to help you better understand your network’s weaknesses and ways to protect it:

1 - Control Access

Control the access and privileges individuals and employees have within your network. Limiting data and giving permission to access your system can help prevent threats. The chances of a threat being found in your network or of someone breaching any of the company’s data is minimized if users only have access to certain information.

2 - Limit External Networks

To prevent others from having access to your system’s security, you must limit your settings. Make sure that your company’s equipment does not connect to other networks, because it might adopt another network’s security settings. Avoid these risks by restricting users from connecting to unapproved networks.

3 - Test New Software

You should frequently check new software on a simulated system to see if it is compatible with your network settings. This way, you can avoid having to spend the extra time working through the disaster recovery plan and any other software issues.

4 - Secure All Paths

The ability to understand the possibilities of entry points in your system can guard your network from hacking or infection. Once you identify the entry points, you can try to protect your system better, such as by securing your firewall and eliminating physical ports or sockets from office equipment.

5 - Track Employee Activity

Monitoring employees’ consumption on the company’s networks can be challenging for employees to understand. However, it allows you to verify if users are causing errors, avoiding security measures, or participating in suspicious activities. Tracking the activity of your staff is a beneficial way to prevent possible risks.

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