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5 Business Leadership Skills That Can Be Learned from the Military

5 Business Leadership Skills That Can Be Learned from the Military

Business and leadership can be challenging for everyone in a company or organization. The difference between having a good leader and having a bad leader can determine the success of a business. There are numerous leadership skills learned and used daily in the military that can be applied in business to improve the performance of a company or organization.

Here are five leadership skills that the military uses and can be applied in various professional backgrounds or experience levels:

1 - Set an Example Worth Following

Leading by example is used in everyday military activity. To lead by example, you have to not only have high-level of performance, but also have the passion and dedication to start and finish the task. A leader who leads by example with passion and dedication, and gets the job done at a high level will set the correct standard for a company or organization and set an example for others to follow.

2 - Provide Coaching and Teaching

In the military, there are daily situations in which the leaders have the same responsibilities as coaches and teachers. Leaders within the military will be seen continuously coaching cadets and constantly setting higher standards for their team. Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence, and one of the best ways to do that is by teaching. Every exchange between a manager and their staff can be a time to teach, train, and establish superior standards for execution.

3 - Be Aware of Your Competition

A great strategy to increase the leaders’ credibility is when they seek to understanding their competitors, which can assist their team to victory. Competitive analysis is something the military excels at. However it can be the downfall of businesses and business leaders who do not employ it. Understanding what the competition is doing not only helps with staying current, but also can help gather information on how to gain the advantage.

4 - Take Care of Yourself

The military places high value on teaching the importance of physical fitness, healthy habits, and resting. It is easy to get burned out not only mentally, but also physically. Many business leaders lack sleep and ignore their personal health in order to be the “first ones in the office and the last to leave.” Leaders of any company or organization have a greater chance to make better judgments under stressful circumstances when they are well rested and in good health.

5 - Help Others Catch the Vision

Military leaders and cadets are known for their focus abilities. Focusing on your role and how you can make a difference in whatever you are assigned to do is something the military preaches. Within business, it can be easy for a leader to disregard the company’s achievements because of the responsibility of their day-to-day tasks. What can make a business leader successful is constantly connecting what the team is doing to the success of the company and its mission. Everybody works better and harder when they are aware of how their actions directly impact the company’s success.

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